The Islamic world view places great emphasis on mankind being Gods khalifah (custodian upon the earth). We aim through stories and play to teach children how to respect, love and take care of the earth they live upon, cultivating within them a desire to truly become custodians, fulfilling the trust they have been entrusted with.

Through inspiring them with stories of the prophets and those saintly figures that fulfilled the trust through a careful concern for animals and the environment, we believe that it will serve to shape and infuse greater meaning in our children, nurturing their souls and causing them to love and care for the earth and all that lives and grows upon it.

This will be enhanced through intelligent play in which the children will develop their own vegetable plot; make their own compost from food waste and learn to recycle items which can be used in arts and crafts activities.

Please take a look at our gallery for insight into some of our activities.