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Sally Goddard Blythe MSc. Is the International Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology that has its base in Chester, UK.
She is a well-published author of books on child development including ‘The Well Balanced Child’, ‘Attention, Balance and Coordination: The A,B,C of Learning Success’ and‘ The Genius of Natural Childhood: Secrets of Thriving Children’.

Sally Goddard Blythe joined us at Happy Children Nursery on 28th February 2016 for the ‘Whole Child Conference’.

Please Note: Some of the slides shown in the lecture are protected by copyright laws and as  a result have been removed from this video recording.

Sue Palmer is a writer and presenter, best known for her books Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys. She is also one of the UK’s most well-established authorities on the teaching of literacy.
For more than fifteen years she has been a popular speaker on this subject in schools, colleges and universities in the UK and across the world, and a frequent contributor to the educational press, notably the Times Educational Supplement and Child Education.

Her first book for a wider audience, Toxic Childhood (Orion 2006) about the effects of contemporary childhood on child development and learning, was in the Amazon best-seller charts for two years. It was followed by Detoxing Childhood (2007) and 21st Century Boys (2009).

Ustadha Fatima D’Oyen-Waley has an MA in Education from Roehampton University and an Advanced Dipl.oma in Child Development. She was born in New York and embraced Islam as a teenager in 1979. A former Girl Scout and Scouts/Girl Guides leader, Fatima has authored Muslim children’s books and been active in Islamic education in a variety of capacities since 1983. After writing her MA dissertation, ‘Holistic Education for 21st Century Britain: Neo-Classical and Montessori Education in Light of Islamic Educational Thought’, she enrolled on a Montessori primary teacher training course through the Montessori Partnership with Dr Helen Prochazka. With friends, she then co-founded the Quest Foundation for Learning in London before establishing Manara Education in Leicester, a community interest company.

Ustadha Fatima joined us at Happy Children Nursery on 28th February 2016 for the ‘Whole Child Conference’.