Healthy Eating Habits

‘And Eat of the good we have provided you’

[The Cow:172]

Our holistic approach to childcare means that what our children eat is as important to us as the environment that they play in.

Just as we are products of our environment we are also products of the food we eat. Food is our energy source, when food is pure and wholesome then play becomes pure and wholesome.

Our endeavour is to provide children with a well balanced diet and where possible sourcing foods that are organic and fair traded. Introducing them to whole foods such as pumpkin, olives, dates and barley bread as well as to raw foods and tropical fruits from around the world.

Eating wholesome food from such a young age will go on to provide the children with life long healthy eating Habits.

Embodying our ethos of organic living 80% of the food served at snack times is made from organic produce. Bread is freshly made on site and our eggs are gathered by our children from our very own chickens.