Physical and Nutritional

We ran a crochet and needle workshop to help refine our fine motor skills which improved our tripod grip for writing.

At first some children were scared……

Waiting patiently to make our pop corn.

Using a potato peeler for the first time.

Do you think it is ready yet?

Who needs to go to the park for a slide, when we can make one ourselves.

We went to visit a local allotment to look at different food we can grow in our nursery garden.

Getting our garden ready for doing lots of planting.

We went to visit Albert Docks to look at the different Transports.

We went to the local train station.

Making wholemeal toast for our snack

Taking risks and building up my confidences by climbing independently.

“I can do this, I can do this”. I was so pride of myself once I completed this.

Making date balls.

Making rice crispy masjid with honey and almond butter.

Building a fire and looking at different ways we can light it.

We roasted apples with cinnamon.

Mint tea (mint and apples from our garden)

Pouring the water so we can have a splashing time.

Oops, why is everything upside down?

Taking a break from the hectic pace of nursery life.

On our way to the forest, we are very excited.

We do lots of climbing and risk assessments to make sure it is safe height for us to climb.

We collect large logs to make dens

We explore our environment to see if we can spot changes or find any insects.

My friends have gone to hide and I am counting to 10. 1,2,3,4………

After all that playing, I need to lay down and have some rest.

We are playing ‘guess this tree’ my friends are walking me to a tree and and then once I take my blind fold off I have to guess which tree I touched? 

Which creatures can you see in the forest?

Look, look I found….?

Our sports day 2018

Our Toddler room do a daily walk around the local area, learning lots of things on the way.

We visited our local park and did a lot of risk taking activities. 

We baked Barley Bread

Our keep fit sessions where we do lots of exercises and stretches

We made toast for our snack

Looking at Oral hygiene

When we came back from the Summer break we had lots of fruit growing in our nursery garden, so we picked it and made lots of different snacks.

Our Eid party food was garden theme, see if you can spot the different insects/bugs we made with our food?

We cut up the vegetables to take home, so I can make soup with my family.

Ohh its heavy…

Oooh, that feels squidgy.

Preparing the pumpkin to cook our soup

Voting for our snack

I am preparing my snack.

A dollop of yoghurt with my fruit 

I wonder how this will taste, here we go……..

We choose what we want to drink.

I am a big boy now and can pour out my own drink.

At our last inspection in April 2016 the nursery attained a level 5 Hygiene certificate when inspected by the Food Standards Agency.


Try some of our healthy eating ideas at home with your children.

Please scroll to the bottom for packed lunch ideas.

Snack Preparation

Get your children involved with snack preparation. Our pre scholars are great with potatoes peelers and child friendly knives. Introduce raw veg to eat alongside fruit.

Juicing during our Eid Party

Juicing. Children love it. This was taken during our Eid Party

Sandwiches with style for our Eid Party.

Sandwiches with style. Made for our Eid Party. Each of these have their own emotions and are a great way to make conversation about numbers, colours, pairs, parts of the face ( some even have beards) they really do enhance all types of  communication and language skills.


Humous Dip and Granola, Yogurt and berry desert…a big bismillah

Humous Dips and Granola, Yogurt and blackberry dessert…a big bismillah

oct 020

Wiggly snake bagels with Tuna and home made mayo topping, decorated with chives, tomatoes and olives.

oct 021

A cheese and grape porcupine, made using a honey melon. In the background you can see blueberry and pomegranate (gems of power) placed in orange skins. Note: The inside of the honey melon and oranges had been used for our juicing.


Humus and lettuce on Skewers. These are made by making a large wrap then slicing it into smaller pieces.

oct 023

Fruit sticks. A star shape cutter was used to cut out pealed persimmon fruit for the top.

Date balls Dipped in grated coconut or sesame seeds.

Date balls Dipped in grated coconut or sesame seeds. A great gift when placed in a basket or small gift box.

Nabidh Date juice. Made from crushing date in water then draining through a sieve.

Nabidh Date juice. Made from crushing dates in water then draining through a sieve. The juice can then be poured into a bottle ready for drinking. This is a great maths exercise and helps children discover the joys of measuring, weighing and pouring into different size containers.


Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed Lunch Ideas