Our ethos is to create a child centred learning environment which is underpinned by the spiritual well being of each child; focusing on children's interests as well as the environment that surrounds them.






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Happy Children Nursery Liverpool Happy Children Nursery Liverpool Happy Children Nursery Liverpool

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‘I was raised amongst Banū Sa‘d’

Tradition of the Prophet Muḥammad
– peace be upon him-


Banū Sa‘d was the tribe of Ḥalīmah as-Sa‘diyyah, the wet-nurse of the Prophet Muḥammad – peace be upon him – who was raised in their midst in the desert tracts that lies between Makkah and the mountainous city of Ṭā’if for the first five years of his life. These years where the prophet’s formative years in which his profound language and tremendous character were forged; ‘And verily you are upon tremendous character.’
[68/The Pen: 4]

The word ‘Banū’ – although often translated as ‘tribe’ – can also mean children. Whilst the word ‘Sa‘d’ is usually translated as ‘happiness’ or ‘felicity.’ These two words are encapsulated by the name of the of our nursery; for the Prophet Muḥammad – peace be upon him – was raised amongst Banū Sa‘d or Happy Children.

Recognising the need for quality nursery care that is underpinned with an Islamic ethos, a group of individuals set out to open Liverpool’s first Islamic-centric nursery. In 2009 a purpose built building was purchased bringing us a step closer to our goals. In April 2013 we opened up our doors to our fist intake of children.

Organic Happy Children Nursery in Liverpool

The world is best experienced in its natural form. We believe that the child’s first experience with the world around them will go on to have a profound influence upon their lives. Thus we aim to develop a space which allows our children to engage in that which is organic, pure and natural; from growing vegetables... more

Happy Children Nursery Liverpool Spiritual Development

The Islamic world view places great emphasis on mankind being God's khalifah (custodian of the earth). We aim through stories and play to teach children how to respect, love and take care of the earth they live upon, cultivating within them a desire to truly become custodians fulfilling the trust they have been given... more

Happy Children Nursery Liverpool Play Enviroment

Play is an organic and natural means in which children understand the world around them, arousing within them a desire to learn about it, understand it and communicate with it effectively. Guided by prophetic principles, Happy Children Nursery places great emphasis upon child-centred play until the age of seven. Our approach is a holistic one, concentrating on the process of learning and not just the product....more

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