Nursery Holidays and Closures


The nursery is closed during the following holidays.

1.Spring Holiday (Corresponds to School Easter Holidays)

2.Summer Holiday (Corresponds to School Summer Holidays)

3.Winter Holiday (Corresponds to School Christmas Holidays)

Please see Liverpool City Council : School Term Dates for school Holiday Dates



Bank Holidays

Good Friday

Eid al-Fitr (Confirmed through moon sighting)

Eid al-Adh-ha (Confirmed through moon sighting)

Over the course of the year the nursery is entitled to close for two days for staff training. Please note nursery fees are still charged for staff training days. Please understand the importance of staff training which will help improve the quality of the care delivered to your child. The dates allocated to staff training days will be announced in our newsletters to parents.


A list of dates of our nursery closures is always on display at the nursery for your convenience.