Job Description:

To work alongside the designated Operational Manager & staff in running a nursery that has an Islamic based ethos and Montessori learning methods.

At least a level 3 in Early Years Education or its equivalent.
At least 2 years experiences working in the Early Years Sector in some form of leadership role (room leader/ deputy manager etc).
Good Writing skills.

Your Responsibilities will include:

    • Responsibility for the overall financial accounts, monitoring the children’s occupancy.
    • Responsibility for the running and administration of the nursery with regards to the overall implementation of the most up to date Early Years government legislation.
    • Overseeing all staff in the Pre-school Room and Toddler Room.
    • Ensuring that all training received by staff has been imbedded in the nursery.
    • Working with QIO (Quality Improvement Officer) in making improvements in the setting.
    • Supporting Room Leaders.
    • Supporting staff with planning.
    • Safeguarding all children in the nursery.
    • Ensuring effective communication within the nursery.
    • Ensuring confidentiality is maintained in the nursery.
    • Supporting with supervision of staff and students.
    • Conducting regular staff assessments in the form of performance management.
    • Recognising training needs as well as monitoring training and developing teamwork.
    • Offering all children equal opportunities with regards to their cultural origins, gender, disabilities, linguistic background, racial heritage and faith.
    • Supporting and ensuring effective staff recruitment.
    • Supporting the Operational Manager in fostering a strong team ethic within the setting based upon the nursery’s vision of organic, spiritual play and a strong Islamic Ethos.
    • Implementation of the EYFS this includes lesson planning and creating individual play plans when necessary.
    • Monitoring each key child’s individual progress with regards to the EYFS, through the EY Log.
    • Liaising with parents/ Carers and negotiation of working targets this includes addressing parent queries promptly and as efficiently as possible.
    • Ensuring that the Nursery is set up at the beginning of the day and ready for the next day. This includes cleaning toilets, emptying bins, vacuuming and mopping.
    • Assisting the Operational Manager and other staff with the professional care and supervision of the children with regards to their spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs.
    • Ensuring that the preparation, care and maintenance of the nursery setting and equipment are carried out according to the Nursery’s Policies & Procedures and Risk Assessments.
    • Ensuring developmental records and observations are kept up to date.
    • Attending regular staff training, parent’s evenings and staff meetings.
    • Delivering training to staff and supporting them in their professional development.
    • Helping to supervise children during outings, trips and functions.
    • Positive management of children’s behaviour.
    • Keeping and monitoring accident, incident and risk assessment records.
    • Supervising and mentoring Nursery Assistants, volunteers and students when requested.
    • Being responsible for the upkeep of all toys in designated areas of the Nursery.
    • Welcoming visitors and contractors to the Nursery and ensuring that security is maintained at all times.
    • Providing feedback and sharing concerns with the colleagues regarding safeguarding or other important matters that concern the child or the nursery setting at whole.

    The Manager will also be expected to attend the weekly Micro Madrassa an Islamic studies program based in Liverpool to help with their own personal development and understanding of Islam.

    Please Note: The Nursery Manger will be part of the team that fronts the image of an Islamic Nursery and so the successful applicant will be expected to wear a full hijab as part of their uniform.